This is the homepage of Mike, also known as veswdev and ypkuby online. You can find me at Github, Keybase, Hacker News, and reddit.

Send me an email to [email protected] if you want to contact me.

About Me

I'm presently employed as a Senior Software Engineer and Lead Cyber Security Analyst. On the side, I write on my blog, and run 3 profitable online businesses. On the personal side, I'm a father to an almost-two year old boy (who's absolutely adorable)!

I like to build, break, and fix all the things. Under my belt are some security reports / bug bounties (a recent example here), and tons of tools to go with it.

Professional Development

Servers & Naming Convention

All servers that are owned by me will have two forms of accessing them, here's a table below with their common name (CN), functional name (FN), and description.

Common Name Functional Name Network Capacity Description
talla ca01-tor01-webserver 10Gbit hosts wife and I's blog, and few personal sites in Toronto
alara ca02-tor02-webserver 10Gbit mirror of talla, in a different DC with different upstream providers
ariel ca03-tor01-appserver 10Gbit api backend, docker commander, light VM hypervisor
speedy ca03-tor02-speedtest 10Gbit speedtest server
ed us01-nyc01-appserver 1Gbit web server, api backend server, in NYC
kelly ca04-mtl01-resourceserver 1Gbit statistics server, analytics from api endpoints
borris ca04-mtl02-monitoring 3Gbit runs prometheus, grafana, and observium for monitoring
issac ca04-mtl03-ptracker 100Mbit runs jira, confluence for my business
bean ca05-mtl04-family 1Gbit runs personal and family only applications, can only be accessed via vpn
xelay ca06-mtl05-jumpbox 100Mbit jump server, only accessible via vpn
foob ca07-mtl06-webserver 1Gbit hosts backend
dragon ca08-ott01-vmhypervisor 500Mbit bare-metal hypervisor, strictly for development + kvm only virtual machines
xpress ca09-ott01-vpn 1Gbit ottawa vpn
xpress-tor ca10-tor01-vpn 1Gbit toronto vpn
xpress-nyc us02-nyc02-vpn 1Gbit nyc vpn
oink de01-webserver 1Gbit web server in Germany, acts as cache for europe visitors
Total Servers: 16 Total Capacity: 51Gbit/s